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Congratulations to Sean Casey!  PCBA AA Player of the Month/January, 2001

The Cincinnati Porkers are a team in the Peanuts and Crackerjack Baseball Association (PCBA).  The PCBA is a winter league using APBA Broadcast Blast. 

The Porkers have made a couple of major offseason transactions.  They have traded away fan favorite Barry Bonds, along with Jeromy Burnitz, Troy Glaus, Brett Tomko and Chan Ho Park for ace pitcher, Randy Johnson, Dmitri Young and Jeff Shaw.  In other moves, they traded away their 1st, 3rd and 4th round picks in the upcoming Rookie/Free Agent draft in exchange for pitchers Curt Schilling and Andy Ashby.


1999 Union League Division Champions

Barry Bonds:  1999 American Association co-MVP

Players/Pitchers of the Month (2001 season):

Sean Casey, Player of the Month, January, 2001

Pete Harnisch, Pitcher of the Month, November, 2000

Andy Ashby, Pitcher of the Week, Week 11

Sean Casey, Player of the Week, Week 10

Sean Casey, Player of the Week, Week 7

Jeff Shaw, Pitcher of the Week, Week 6

Greg Vaughn, Player of the Week, Week 2



Catchers Davis, Ben
  Taubensee, Eddie
  Manwaring, Kirt
  Perez, Eddie
  Santiago, Benito
  LaRue, Jason
First Basemen Karros, Eric
  Casey, Sean
  Durazo, Erubiel
  Seguignol, Fernando
  Morris, Hal
Second Basemen Alomar, Roberto
  Boone, Bret
  Lewis, Mark
Third Basemen Cirillo, Jeff
  Davis, Russ
  Soriano, Alfonso
Shortstops Larkin, Barry
  Gonzalez, Alex S.
Outfielders Allensworth, Jermaine
  Gwynn, Tony
  Matthews, Gary
  O'Neill, Paul
  Vaughn, Greg
  Young, Dmitri
  Cruz, Jacob
  Davis, Eric
  Hollandsworth, Todd
  Kelly, Roberto
  Lewis, Darren


Pitchers Johnson, Randy
  Schilling, Curt
  Elarton, Scott
  Ashby, Andy
  Harnisch, Pete
  Villone, Ron
  Loewer, Carlton
  Lopez, Albie
  Mantei, Matt
  Martinez, Ramon
  Pote, Lou
  Nomo, Hideo
  Shaw, Jeff
  Perez, Odalis
  Lee, David
  Masaoka, Onan
  Sullivan, Scott
  Mantei, Matt
  Trachsel, Steve
  Radinsky, Scott
  Guthrie, Mark
  Montgomery, Jeff

RISING STARS (the new white meat):

  Davis, Ben C
  LaRue, Jason C
  Soriano, Alfonso 3B
  Matthews, Gary OF
  Perez, Odalis SP

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