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Welcome to the Orb of Korb.

Here you will find out about my life and hobbies.
This is one of my favorite Sumo wrestlers, Musashimaru.

My Favorite Links

The Official Web Page of the Cincinnati Porkers is a work in progress.
Check out the Nihon Sumo Kyokai.
It's the official web page of Sumo wrestling.
Visit my Leagues Page
Read about the current APBA leagues I'm in and links to their web pages.
The best site for pro baseball news.
Nippon Professional Baseball
A great site for Japanese baseball and Japanese baseball history. Includes foreigner (American) records.
Campaign Specialties
Help out my friend, Gilbert and give him a hit.
Photos of my family, friends and myself!
The Dark Side of the Orb of Korb
An even more disturbing look into my mind. This is neither law, religion, philosophy nor fashion. And should never be represented as such.

Larry Korb

5672 Northglen
Cincinnati, OH 45248
United States

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!