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   Steve Wolfenberger

Name Steve Wolfenberger
BBL Team Name Cleveland Rockers
Origin of Team Name I live in Cleveland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is the primary tourist attraction.
E-Mail Address
Personal Web Site
Family Information Single
Hometown Currently, Cleveland, OH.  Originally from Pleasanton, CA
Phone # (trade hot line) (216) 621-4092
Years playing APBA Since 1987
Years playing APBA BBW Since 1998
Years playing in APBA leagues Since 1987
Favorite Baseball Team Oakland Aís & Fresno State Bulldogs & (my alma mater)
Hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen Golf.  Bike riding.  Reading.
Occupation Consultant
If I could have seen any even in the history of sports, I would love to have seen:

Sports- 1936 Olympics (Jesse Owens vs. Adolf Hitler), 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.  

Baseball- Don Larsenís perfect game.

DH? Yes.
Pete Rose? No.  Except when heís up against Jim Gray
Bud Selig? No opinion
Favorite MLB Player While Growing Up  Eddie Murray and Tony Gwynn
Favorite Current MLB Player Manny Ramirez
Favorite MLB Players Not on Your BBL Team Ramirez
Favorite Players on Your BBL Team Craig Biggio and any pitcher that can occasionally get someone out
Your Team Strengths Offense and defense
Your Team Weaknesses Pitching
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