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ST. PETE ROSES: Larry Korb

Name Larry Korb
BBL Team Name St. Pete Roses
Origin of Team Name Born and raised on the west side of Cincinnati: Pete is a saint here in Cincy.
E-Mail Address
Personal Web Site
Family Information Married, 2 kids: boy-6 and girl-2
Hometown Cincinnati, OH
Phone # (trade hot line) 513-574-0592
Years playing APBA 24
Years playing APBA BBW 5
Years playing in APBA leagues 2
Favorite Baseball Team Cincinnati Reds
Hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen Reading: fiction, baseball history, american history
Occupation Corporate sales for a German freight forwarder
If I could have seen any even in the history of sports, I would love to have seen: 1919 World Series (fix or no fix, the Reds won!)
DH? Definitely not.
Pete Rose? No question.  It’s not a Hall of Fame without Peter Edward Rose.
Bud Selig? Slime Ball.
Favorite MLB Player While Growing Up  Pete, Davey Concepcion, Tracy Jones, Mario Soto
Favorite Current MLB Player Sean Casey, Barry Larkin, Griffey, Jr.
Favorite MLB Players Not on Your BBL Team Barry Larkin (I feel like Judas for trading him away)
Favorite Players on Your BBL Team Casey, Kevin Millwood, Chili Davis
Your Team Strengths Our strength is our inexperience.
Your Team Weaknesses Our weakness is baseball.
Comments In our third “rebuilding” effort, the Roses, formerly the Cincinnati Reds, are heading straight down the toilet for another season.
The Orb of Korb.  This page last updated: December 14, 1999