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Name Bill Jenkins
BBL Team Name Baton Rouge Bombers
Origin of Team Name  
E-Mail Address
Personal Web Site  
Family Information Divorced, getting married soon, two grown daughters
Hometown Baton Rouge Louisiana
Phone # (trade hot line)  
Years playing APBA 20
Years playing APBA BBW Don't remember
Years playing in APBA leagues 18
Favorite Baseball Team Texas Rangers
Hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen None really other than APBA
Occupation Retired due to medical reasons
If I could have seen any even in the history of sports, I would love to have seen: Nolan Ryan's seventh no no
DH? In favor of
Pete Rose? Master of the "cheap shot" and I think he should quit crying and fade into the background never to be heard from again.
Bud Selig? A joke
Favorite MLB Player While Growing Up  Joe Adcock
Favorite Current MLB Player Mark McGwire
Favorite MLB Players Not on Your BBL Team McGwire
Favorite Players on Your BBL Team Pudge Rodriquez, Rusty Greer
Your Team Strengths Scoring potential
Your Team Weaknesses Lack of pitching
Comments I enjoy the BBL and think Jake has done a good job resurrecting a league that the former commissioner screwed the members that were part of it.

The Orb of Korb.  This page last updated: December 14, 1999