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Name Jeff Evanoff
BBL Team Name Cuyahoga River Rats
Origin of Team Name I asked my wife to help me…and she recalled a game we went to see in Cleveland.  We went to the Flats after the game and when we went to leave we saw a few Rats along the riverfront.
E-Mail Address
Personal Web Site na
Family Information Wife…2 kids Nik and Trina…2 dogs
Hometown Erie, PA
Phone # (trade hot line)  
Years playing APBA @ 20 years
Years playing APBA BBW @ 5 years
Years playing in APBA leagues 1 year
Favorite Baseball Team Tribe
Hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen Good question…
Occupation ICC Inventory Control Coord
If I could have seen any even in the history of sports, I would love to have seen: Bosto Redsox Playoff game where Fisk hit the Homer down the line!
DH? I can see the positives to both sides of the argument.  But I would vote NO
Pete Rose? In the Hall Yes, do I think he gambled on baseball Yes, do I think he deserves a second chance…Yes….Just to ramble…If Steve Howe and Darryl Strawberry and others deserve second third and more chances…then yes I think Rose deserves a second chance!
Bud Selig? BOO!!!  No owner should be a commissioner..this is a joke to baseball.
Favorite MLB Player While Growing Up  Numerous..Lou Brock…Joe Morgan…
Favorite Current MLB Player Jim Thome
Favorite MLB Players Not on Your BBL Team  
Favorite Players on Your BBL Team Matt Williams
Your Team Strengths Bullpen
Your Team Weaknesses Lack of quality offensive support and the fact that the rotation is made up of guys who are really number 3 or 4 starters at best.

Baseball is goig to have another labor dispute when this contarct expires.  You can not have players making more money than some of the teams have as a whole.  There is too much disparity in the league between the haves and the have nots…it was nice to see the REDS in position to possibly make the playoffs.  Football has a situation where every team has a shot..based on what their management accomplishes within the confines of the salary cap….Baseball needs a Salary cap of some sort so that more teams can be competitive…You should have had one more column to the left….Donald Fehr??



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