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Name Bruce Barrish
BBL Team Name Fresno Outlaws
Origin of Team Name Do not know, as we only recently took over the team. 
E-Mail Address
Personal Web Site None.
Family Information Married - with 2 sons
Hometown Philadelphia, Pa.
Phone # (trade hot line)  
Years playing APBA Since 1961
Years playing APBA BBW Since 1995
Years playing in APBA leagues Since 1986
Favorite Baseball Team Philadelphia Phillies
Hobbies that don't involve sitting in front of a screen Coaching Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.
Occupation Customer Relations Manager for a dental laboratory
If I could have seen any even in the history of sports, I would love to have seen: Any no-hitter in person
DH? YUK - This is why guys like Bobby Valentine and Bobby Cox manage so poorly in the National League.
Pete Rose? Put him in the hall while he's still alive.
Bud Selig? Bud WHO?
Favorite MLB Player While Growing Up  Rich Ashburn
Favorite Current MLB Player Scott Rolen
Favorite MLB Players Not on Your BBL Team Scott Rolen, Chipper Jones, and Tony Gwynn
Favorite Players on Your BBL Team Garrett Anderson & Harold Baines
Your Team Strengths Decent outfield
Your Team Weaknesses Pitching staff weaker than Colorado Rockies
Comments BBL is an extremely well run league, and I'm happy to be a part of it.
The Orb of Korb.  This page last updated: December 27, 1999