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October and November Transactions

11/26: PHILADELPHIA signs Ron Gant, cuts Rey Sanchez.
SAN DIEGO signs AJ Sager
TEXAS signs Kevin Stocker, cuts Josh Booty

10/25: COLORADO signs Gary DiSarcina; waives Karim Garcia
SAN DIEGO signs F.P. Santangelo; waives Craig Shipley
TEXAS signs Cal Eldred; waives Roger Pavlik, Curtis Leskanic
TEXAS trades Dean Palmer and Mark McLemore to LOS ANGELES for Kevin Orie, Chad Ogea and Mike Fetters

10/20: BOSTON trades Aaron Sele to NEW YORK YANKEES for Ryan Klesko.

Waiver transactions 10/17-10/22:
CINCINNATI signed Mike Remlinger; waived Brook Fordyce, Alvin Morman, Hector Carrasco.
NEW YORK METS waived Roberto Petagine, Alvaro Espinosa, John Cangelosi, Ruben Sierra, Tony Castillo, Mike Mohler, and Frankie Rodriguez.
SEATTLE waived Rafael Belliard, Andy Sheets
BOSTON signed Steve Avery, John Wasdin, and Brian Rose; waived Rick Wilkins, Jeff Manto, Lee Tinsley, Vince Coleman, Danny Tartabull, Vaughn Eschelman, Mark Brandenburg, Dario Veras, Joey Eischen.

10/17: PHILADELPHIA sends Gregg Jeffries and Todd Greene to LOS ANGELES for Hideo Nomo

10/16: PHILADELPHIA sends Dan Serafini and their 5th round draft pick to SAN DIEGO for Chris Gomez.

10/16: FLORIDA trades Tony Grafinino to LOS ANGELES for Greg Gagne.

10/16: SAN DIEGO trades Ricky Gutierrez to SEATTLE for 2nd round pick in 1999 Free Agent/Rookie Draft

10/16: MONTREAL trades Brad Radke and Delino DeShields to SAN DIEGO for Shane Reynolds and Ray Durham

10/15: LOS ANGELES trades Marty Cordova, Jacob Cruz, and Brantley to MONTREAL for Orie and Manny Alexander

10/14: PITTSBURGH trades Fernando Vina to MONTREAL for Garrett Anderson

Waiver transactions 10/11-10/17:
TEXAS signed Pete Smith, Mike Olquist, Frank Castillo
NEW YORK METS signed Ryne Sandberg, Pokey Reese, Harold Baines, Joe Carter, Rich Becker, Jeremi Gonzalez
BALTIMORE signed Dave Hansen, Geronimo Berroa, John Thomson
LOS ANGELES signed Juan Guzman, Mike Fetters, Juan Samuel, Mark Smith, Rob Ducey, Kelly Stinnett, Luis Alicea, Cory Lidle
COLORADO signed Juan Acevedo, Homer Bush, Paul Konerko, Donovan Osborne, Bubba Trammell, Mike Williams, Charlie O'Brien, Dennis Reyes, Gregg Olson, Mike Holtz, Mike Cather; cuts Brent Brede, Jim Bullinger, Cal Eldred, Jorge Fabregas, Bryce Florie, Ozzie Guillen, Darren Holmes, Mike Matheny, Matt Mieske, Lance Painter, Jim Poole, Armando Reynoso, Kevin Ritz, Bruce Ruffin, A.J. Sager, John Thompson, John Wasdin
SAN DIEGO signed Chad Krueter, Dan Micelli, Brad Clontz, Mark Lemke
CLEVELAND signed Jim Mecir; cut Greg Myers, Kevin Sietzer, Julio Franco, Phil Nevin, Paul Shuey, Dennis Martinez, Chad Ogea, and Jack McDowell
MONTREAL signed Damian Miller, Mike Myers, Orlando Cabrera, Ruben Rivera, Kevin Orie, Todd Dunwoody, Enrique Wilson, Jeff Abbott, David Ortiz
FLORIDA signed Andy Fox, Tom Lampkin; cut Chris Hammond, Yorkis Perez, Glenn Dishman
PHILADELPHIA signed Sean Bergman, Anthony Telford; cuts Toby Borland, Mike Grace, Matt Beech, Bob Wolcott,Jamie Wright, Latroy Hawkins, Melvin Nieves, and Eduardo Perez
BOSTON signed Deion Sanders
SEATTLE claimed Greg Myers; cut Ruben Amaro, Jose Bautista, Rafael Carmona, Norm Charlton, Tim Davis, Greg McCarthy, Scott Stahoviak, Andy Stankiewicz, Doug Strange, Bob Wells
CINCINNATI signed Dennis Eckersley, Pep Harris, Jorge Fabregas, Ozzie Guillen; cut Damian Jackson, Curtis Goodwin, Rex Hudler, Rheal Cormier, Sean Boskie, John Smiley, Brook Fordyce, Alvin Morman
NEW YORK YANKEES cut Shane Andrews

10/9: COLORADO trades Dante Bichette, Jeff Reed, Mike Magnante and their pick in the Atlanta dispersal round (#2 overall) to LOS ANGELES for Bernie Williams, Carlos Hernandez, their pick in the Atlanta dispersal round (#7 overall), their 4th round pick and their 5th round pick. The accountants are still trying to figure this one out!

10/7: MONTREAL trades Lenny Webster, Jeff Blauser, Jose Hernandez and Cliff Floyd to CLEVELAND for Bobby Higginson, Omar Vizquel, and Brady Anderson.

September, 1998 Transactions

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