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Manager Roster and E-Mail List

Bergman Colonels (former Red Sox) - Kevin Burke
San Francisco Warboritas (former Expos) - Myron DeVoto
Fresno Outlaws (former Mets) - Mike Eliyas
New York Yankees - Gabe Austin
West L.A. Fadeaway (former Phillies) - Jake Smith
Baltimore Orioles - Dan Boniak
Florida Marlins - Glen Schlee
Cuyahoga River Rats (former Dodgers) - Jeff Evanoff
Red Arrow Trolleys (former Padres) - John Weber
Baton Rouge Bombers (former Rangers) - Bill Jenkins Bill Jenkins#2
Mt. Springs Mystics (expansion club) - Jamie Ulrich
St. Pete Roses (former Reds) - Larry Korb
Cleveland Indians - Rocco Del Sesto
Cleveland Rockers (former Rockies) - Steve Wolfenberger
PA Pikers (former Pirates) - Kevin Rupp
Seattle Mariners - Gordon Watson

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