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Irabu Pitches No-No

Hideki Irabu of the San Francisco Waboritas pitched a no-hitter, the first of the season, against the expansion Mt. Springs Mystics, in a 14-1 drubbing.

Cuyahoga Dealing

Jeff Evanoff of the Cuyahoga River Rats has been keeping himself busy.  He recently traded away superstar Barry Bonds to San Francisco for outfielder Moises ACLu and second baseman Ray Durham.  He also traded away slugger Jeremy Burnitz and a fifth round draft pick next year to Seattle for Denny Neagle and Seattle’s first round draft pick. 

99 Preview Published

I have put together a season preview, complete with predictions.  It may make nice fodder for the BBL Forum.

1999 Pre-Season Annual.

Opening Day Quickly Approaches

You should be checking out your lineups, playing preseason games and doing all of the other nail-biting chores that accompany the approach of the first day of the season.  With the new names, new divisions and new strategies, it should be an exciting season.

BBL Dates to Remember

Sunday, September 26: Rosters frozen; all teams send farm team FF or at least a list of farm players.
Wednesday, September 29: Visitors FF due to commissioner 11 p.m. EDT, 8 p.m. PDT. Series 1PG C-file sent by commissioner at 10 p.m. PDT. PLAY BALL!


Draft Results Posted

Please look over the Draft Matrix I posted. If there are any mistakes, please contact me. Thanks.


CY and TY Balloting

Mark McGwire and P.J. Martinez take home the 1999 season awards.


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