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New York Mets :
The Mets took home the crown in the innagural season of the BBL. With only the 5th-best record during the regular season, the Mets rallied to reach the finals to face the Texas Rangers. The Rangers fought hard, pushing the series to seven games, but the Mets prevailed in a 10th inning Game 7 victory. A very well-balanced team that had Home Runs from Todd Hundley (40), Bernard Gilkey (25), and Ruben Sierra (20); hitting from Mark Grace (.341) and Lance Johnson (.305); solid starting pitching from Mark Clark (19-9, 3.49), Bobby Jones (13-10, 3.77) and Wilson Alvarez (15-10, 4.14); and a quality bullpen led by John Franco (30 SV, 2.15) and Greg McMichael (5-3, 13 Holds, 4 SV, 2.99).

World Series MVP,
Todd Hundley

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